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Free Consulting


Remote Installation Service

We provide remote installation service if customer has problem while installing INFO into their server.

Common problems:

  • IP address
  • Firewall setting
  • TCP/IP port setting

Remote connections:

  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • GoToMeeting

Installation Service

Technical Support

Install & Configuration
* Troubleshooting installaton problems
* Custom configuration
* Remote installation service

System Design
* Table design
* Table relations
* Permission setting

System Integration
* External datasource integration
* i.e, Quickbook, Facebook, Twitter, SalesForce and etc.

Technical Support

INFO Source Codes

INFO Full Source for Sale, $295

To have full control over INFO servers, you can purchase INFO source codes. After the purchase, you are entitled to 1 year version upgrade service and 2 technical support incidents.

  • InfoWeb: JSP/Java Codes
  • InfoDataHub: CORBA/Java Codes
  • InfoAgent: Java Codes

Make Payment

  • To purchase INFO source codes, please make a payment through PayPal by clicking Buy Now button below.
  • We will email you an invoice and download instructions after payment confirmation.
    *** Please provide your email address while you are making a payment through PayPal.

Payment Inquiries

If you have any question regarding your payment, please send us an email to the below address.

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