What is TOYSYS
TOYSYS is a platform on which everyone can build own custom information system.


  • TOYSYS was started in 2002.
  • TOYSYS is consists of transaction server, INFO, and its applications
  • Motive: "Record your Life"
  • In the world, there are too many things to remember like pictures, contracts, receipts, and so on. TOYSYS wants to help you store your whole life into organized information storage.

What can you build with TOYSYS?

  • Equipment Tracking: recording new assignment, transfer, and disposition of company equipment
  • Money Diary: recording journals of your cash flow
  • Health Checkup: recording your blood pressure, pulse rate, diabetes sugar level, and etc.

Free INFO Applications

Equipment Tracking

  • Record equipment details
  • Record new assignment, transfer, and disposition of company equipment

Money Diary

  • Record money transactions
  • Save receipt images

Online demo

Free Consulting Service

  • INFO Remote Installation
  • INFO Integration
  • Information System Design
  • IT Consulting

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INFO Source Codes



What is INFO
INFO is a transaction server of TOYSYS. You can build your own custom application easily with INFO transaction server's built-in functions.


  • INFO was created for tracking information like program bugs, daily business transaction, and company equipment.
  • INFO was built with Oracle database when it was created. INFO now uses MySQL as a main database.
  • User can create any custom information table and change the field names according to tracking events.

Biuld your own information system

* INFO + INFO Applications => Custom Information System

INFO Members

How INFO members work?

INFO is consists of four members, InfoWeb, InfoDB, InfoDataHub and InfoAgent. Each module has its own functionalities.

  • InfoWeb handles user interface and adapts Tomcat engine.
  • InfoDataHub is a CORBA server that receives data request from InfoWeb. It connects different types of datasources.
  • InfoDB manages information storage. It stores custom information into database and connects various information systems to get requested data.
  • InfoAgent monitors INFO members to handle pre-defined system failures.